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When Lisa Pex Shevlin ’11 graduates this spring, she will have both a juris doctor and a master's degree in international affairs; she has been able to accomplish this in three years due to an impressive feat of time management.
Professor Gary Gildin recently served on the faculty of the Advanced Deposition Program for attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), organized by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and delivered to ACLU attorneys from across the country.
What is financial abuse? What techniques can be used to intervene and respond? What can be done in the absence of an elder-specific protective service law? On February 22, 2011, Professor Katherine Pearson will touch on these and other legal issues of financial elder abuse during her presentation “Legal Implications of Ambivalence in Caregiver relationships” at the University College Dublin, Ireland. Organized by the National Centre for the Protection of Older People, her presentation will lead off a seminar on Legal and Policy Challenges of Financial Elder Abuse. Ireland Law Reform Commissioner Patricia Rickard-Clarke will respond during the evening event.
Marcellus Shale drilling was hailed as a bridge that can help move the U.S. off of fossil fuels, criticized as something that will not reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and evaluated as an economic force at a symposium hosted by the Penn State Environmental Law Review today.
As a contracts manager for Time Dollar Youth Court in Washington, D.C., Gornall serves as an advocate for disadvantaged youths. The Youth Court’s mission is to provide alternative sentencing to first-time juvenile offenders by serving as a unique pre-petition diversion program.
One of the best ways to gain experience and make connections within government is to intern with a federal agency. While you don't have to live in Washington, D.C to find an internship with the federal government, it is the best place to be if you are committed to pursuing a government career, which is what seven Penn State Law students are doing this semester.
As the reach of arbitration continues to expand so does the debate over what is potentially at stake. What happens when one party resists arbitration? Which entity should decide the validity of the agreement: the court system or the arbitrator alone? Answers to these and other questions will be explored during the symposium “The Arbitrator as Judge … and Judge of Jurisdiction,” on February 16, from 12 to 4 p.m. at the Penn State University Dickinson School of Law.
Professor Laurel Terry recently gave the inaugural thought leader presentation for LawwithoutWalls , a collaborative law project that gathers and unites law students, professors, entrepreneurs, and attorneys from around the world to improve the practice and future of law.
With more than 5,200 pages of text and appendices, Professor Sam Thompson’s four-volume treatise Mergers, Acquisitions and Tender Offers: Law and Strategies published by the Practicing Law Institute (PLI), covers the basics in the complex M&A arena and then some.
Penn State Public Broadcasting released a preview of the pilot episode World on Trial, an educational television and interactive web series, that brings together the best legal talent in the world to argue both sides of sharply contested human rights issues