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Summer work helps law students to gain on-the-job experience and connect with other associates and legal professionals. This summer students worked in all kinds of environments across the United States.
Finding meaningful work during the summer is important for law students to gain on-the-job experience as well as build connections with other associates and legal professionals. Penn State Law is featuring a series on what students did this summer.
Steve Brogan is working at Drinker, Biddle and Reath LLP in Philadelphia for his second consecutive summer.
Penn State Law faculty member Dermot Groome is well into the second year prosecuting the trial of Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague. Last week, a Penn State Eberly College of Science adjunct faculty member stepped up to the witness stand to present DNA evidence confirming the identities of almost 7,000 of the suspected 8,000 victims of the genocide that Mladic is accused of planning and overseeing
To decide whether a U.S. drone strike is a violation of international human rights law, World on Trial viewers and jurors must decide whether an armed conflict exists. If the United States is engaged in an armed conflict, the law of armed conflict and its rules on imminence, distinction, necessity and proportionality apply; if not, then the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights—which declares that every human being has the inherent right to life—governs the analysis. View Slideshow.
Slide show of Episode Two, World on Trial in production
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From left to right: Dave Dambreville, Jordan Johnston, Asima Ahmad, Theresa Ellis (plaintiff), Christopher Polchin, Kate Hynes, Professor Michael Foreman, Alison Renfrew, Scott Zukowski (plaintiff's spouse) and Scott Engstrom
Andrew Scott’s summer experience at the Disability Rights Legal Center in Los Angeles confirms one truth for him: public interest law will be a key part of his legal practice, wherever that may be. “No matter what I am doing I want to be helping people,” he said. “It’s the only thing that feels right to me.”