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The H. Laddie Montague, Jr. Law Library

Law School Visitor Wireless

As a visitor to our campus, you can access our AT&T Wi-Fi visitor wireless service from your personal computer or Wi-Fi enabled device.  

Service is for the Internet only. The CAT and other free library databases are accessible via the Internet. Most Law Library licensed resources are available only on-site at Visitor’s Stations.

To get started using Visitor Wireless:

  • In your wireless settings dialog, find and connect to attwifi.
  • Open your web browser to automatically launch the AT&T Wi-Fi web page.
  • From this page, log in using the option that best suits your needs.

Service may be purchased in the following manner:

  • Online credit card payment on site through the AT&T webpage.  
  • Prepaid coupons with a scratch-off access code are available for purchase at the Computer Stores on campus. The coupons provide 24 hours of Internet access from the time of activation. Various quantities of 24 hour cards can be purchased.
  • Prepaid coupons can be purchased online at the Computer Store and mailed to PSU departments. There is a significant cost reduction if purchased in bulk.
  • Purchase of AT&T Wi-Fi monthly service subscription will enable a user to access service at any “hot spot” including McDonalds, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, etc.

The cost to customers for online credit card purchase is for 24 hour Internet access.  During the 24 hour period, service can be used at any “hot spot” location on campus, but not at any other locations off campus.

Prepaid coupons can only be used with the laptop or handheld device that was used to activate the service.

Visitors needing technical support should contact the AT&T Wi-Fi Technical Operations Center via the AT&T webpage or toll-free at 1-888-888-7520 for assistance.