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  • Our diverse group of accomplished scholars includes the leading authority on DNA evidence and statistics in litigation.
  • Our renowned faculty of scholars welcomes the opportunity to interact and advise you throughout law school.
  • At Penn State, you'll learn more than just the law. You learn how to be a lawyer through rigorous and engaging experiences with faculty.


  • all facultyAll Faculty

    Scholars advancing the study and practice of law in a wide range of specialized fields, committed to sharing knowledge, engaging students, and sustaining intense and comprehensive legal program.

  • resident law facultyResident Law Faculty

    A diverse group of scholars and clinicians including experts in DNA evidence, business law, insolvency law, and international dispute resolution.

  • University Park SIASchool of International Affairs Faculty

    Diplomats, scholars, and researchers based in the Penn State School of International Affairs.

  • visiting, adjunct, and emeritusVisiting, Adjunct, and Emeritus Faculty

    Attorneys, judges, and distinguished public servants bring a wealth of practice and teaching experience to the classroom.

  • faculty and staff directoryFaculty and Staff Directory

    Find someone at Penn State Law.

  • law libraryLaw Library Faculty

    Specializing in helping law students become efficient legal researchers, law library faculty help connect students to the vast resources of Penn State University Libraries and become associates who add value on day one.

  • faculty resourcesFaculty and Staff Resources

    Events, calendars, policies, and administrative contacts