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Semester Course Schedule and Advance Assignments

Semester Course Schedule

If you have not accessed your course schedule prior to Orientation, you may do so on eLion.   First year students will receive their Penn State Access Account (User ID and Password) as part of Orientation; this access account will be used to access eLion.

  1. Select Students in the Login box
  2. Login using your PSU Access Account User ID and Password
  3. Select Student Schedule from the list on the left
  4. You may then check for advance assignments in ANGEL (more details are below)

Advance Assignments 

Students must check ANGEL (the University's course management system) to determine whether the faculty member for each class has issued an assignment to be completed in advance of the first class session.   You will use your Penn State Access Account (user ID and password) to check for advance assignments on ANGEL.

  1. Login to ANGEL.
  2.  You will see your course schedule after you login.
  3.  Select the course that you would like to obtain information for and you will see options to obtain the initial assignment which may be in the syllabus, an e-mail or a document posted to ANGEL.

Note: Not all faculty will post an initial assignment; you should not worry if there is none posted.