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Timely Registration News

Updated 3/27/14 at 7:41 a.m.

Courses with Special Enrollment Criteria

  • Before you register for Independent Study (PERSP 996) on eLion, you must obtain approval for an independent study project from a law faculty member who agrees to supervise your project.  When you have identified your supervising faculty member you are responsible for e-mailing the law school Registrar with the faculty member’s name.
  • International Business Transactions (CCLAW 971 — 3 credits): Professor Fox’s course is being offered only to LL.M. students for Fall 2014.  Please see next item for information on a course available to J.D. candidates.
  • International Commercial Transactions (CCLAW980 — 3 credits): Professor Ventoruzzo’s course is being offered only to J.D. candidates for Fall 2014.  Due to course overlap, J.D. students that have previously taken International Business Transactions (CLAW 971) may not enroll in CCLAW 980.
  • International Commercial Arbitration – Enrollment only with Professor Rogers approval

INTER 984 (International Commercial Arbitration) – 3 credits.  Grading is Anonymous
This course will consider the law, procedures, and practice of international arbitration, and the substantive rules that govern international commercial sales of goods under the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and related international instruments. In the course of studying these substantive topics, students will be introduced to and will work through a simulated case study developed for use in the Willem C. Vis International Moot Arbitration Competition. The course is a pre-requisite for participation on the team for the Vis Moot Competition. Participation in the Vis Moot Competition does not require membership on the Moot Court Board. Students who are on the Moot Court Board and who have been selected to participate in another moot competition may take the class for credit, but cannot be considered for participation on the Vis Moot Team. Students who are members of Moot Court Board, but who are not competing in another moot competition, are eligible to participate in the Vis Moot Competition, but should consult the applicable rules to determine their continued responsibilities as members of the Moot Court Board. NOTE: Because of overlap in course content, students may not enroll in both International Commercial Arbitration (INTER984), and International Arbitration (offered in the Florence/Rome/Siena summer study abroad program).  Pre-requisite: Faculty approval required. Students must contact Professor Rogers for information on how to apply.

INTER 997A (International Commercial Arbitration II) – 2 Credits.  Grading is Credit/No Credit

Students who are interested in the Willem C. Vis International Moot Arbitration Competition but who have already completed INTER 984 must enroll in International Commercial Arbitration II.  Professor Rogers will select students for enrollment. Pre-requisite: INTER 984 and Faculty approval required. Students must contact Professor Rogers for information on how to apply.

COCUR 997A (Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Team) – 1 Credit. Grading is Credit/No Credit

A student chosen by Professor Rogers to be a TA/Coach for the Vis Moot Court Team will enroll in this 1-credit co-curricular course.  Please note the credit will count toward the maximum co-curricular credits a student may earn.

Course Updates

  • Administrative Law (GOVMT 952 - 3 credits): Professor Colburn's course will have a scheduled final exam on Friday December 18th at 8:30 a.m.

  • Food and Drug Regulation (HLTHL 960 - 3 credits): Professor Muchmore has removed the pre-requisite on this course.

  • Federal Securities Regulation (CCLAW 986 - 3 credits): with Professor Lee will be offered via AV to Carlisle from UP. Please see the Schedule of Courses for the day/time details.

  • The Employment Relationship (LABOR 962 — 3 credits): This course was formerly titled Employment Law Survey Part I. Professor Flatto will be teaching this course Fall 2014.  The full course description is here. Please see the Schedule of Courses for the day/time details.

  • Federal Securities Regulation (CCLAW 968 - 3 credits): Professor Lee has updated the course description for Fall 2014: This course is intended to provide an introductory overview of the federal securities laws. The course focuses on the regulation of the offer and sale of securities under the Securities Act of 1933 and the reporting and disclosure requirements under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Topics expected to be covered include: the definition of a security; the registration process; exemptions from registration for public and private offerings; civil liabilities of corporate issuers, directors, and officers; Rule 10b-5 antifraud; and the regulation of insider trading. Pre-requisites: None

Special Information about Advocacy I in Carlisle

Carlisle students entering the third year should plan to take Advocacy I in Fall 2014.
Carlisle students entering the second year, and who are interested in taking Advocacy I, should plan to take:

                     1) Evidence in Fall 2014 and; 2) Advocacy I in Spring 2015.

Advocacy I in Carlisle will NOT be offered in Fall 2015 and the Spring 2016 offering will NOT be open to 3L students.