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You will receive an e-mail from the Registrar in late July or early August with information about obtaining your course schedule. Once you review your course schedule and identify the list of course codes and section numbers for your fall classes, you can identify the books selected for those courses and order your textbooks from any source. Instructions on identifying textbooks adopted for each course on the Penn State Bookstore website are set forth below, as well as instructions on ordering books from the Penn State Bookstore. If you are receiving financial aid, up to $800 of your books may be charged to your financial aid at the Penn State Bookstore using your PSU ID number. If your books are being shipped, your order needs to be placed with the Penn State Bookstore no later than August 11, 2014 in order to receive your books.

Carlisle-based students. Books can be ordered online from the Penn State Bookstore and delivered to Katz Hall by shuttle at no charge or shipped to your home at a minimal charge. If you are visiting University Park, you can pick up your books at the Bookstore in person. Detailed instructions are available online.

University Park-based students. The Penn State Bookstore is located on the ground floor of the HUB-Robeson Center in University Park. You may stop by the Bookstore to pick up your books in person, order the books online so that the books are prepackaged and you only need to pick them up, or order the books online to be shipped to your home. Detailed instructions are available online.