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LL.M. Degree Requirements

Our LL.M. program requires two semesters of study and a minimum of 24 credit hours of course work. The LL.M. is designed to provide lawyers trained outside of the United States with a high-level understanding of the U.S. legal system that will enhance their legal career.

Select LL.M. students may elect in their second semester to apply to extend their LL.M. for an additional semester. Some LL.M. students interested in studying for a U.S. bar exam select this option. Foreign-trained LL.M. students are required to take the following three courses:

Transfers to the J.D. Program

We allow select LL.M. candidates to transfer to the J.D. program. Criteria for transferring to the J.D. program is set by the Dean of Admissions and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Important factors are excellent English language skills and strong performance in classes taken at Penn State Law. LL.M. candidates interested in this path should work closely with the Penn State Law faculty advisors to choose courses and build their academic program accordingly. For a complete description of program requirements, please see the LL.M. Handbook.