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Law and Education Alliance at Penn State

The fields of law and education are intersecting at a major scale; in fact, the subfield of "education law" is one of the fastest growing specialties according to the American Bar Association. So what is education law? Education law handles issues relating both to K-12 education, higher education, charter schools, faculty tenure issues, free speech in the classroom, curriculum issues, and school reform, among other things 

We are fortunate to have here at Penn State Law one of the foremost legal scholars in this area, Dr. Preston Green, who serves as LEAP's advisor. Dr. Green holds a joint appointment to teach educational law courses at Penn State's College of Education and the Law School. He earned both his juris doctor and his doctorate in education at Columbia University, an Ivy League school whose "Teacher's College" is number one in the nation. Dr. Green has written extensively in the areas of law and education and currently serves on the national Board of Directors of the Education Law Association. 

Previously, Dr. Green and his colleagues at the College of Education held a conference on education law at Penn State. Students in LEAP had numerous opportunities to network with national leaders in this field, work on journal articles and papers in the area, and gain opportunities for real world interaction. 

LEAP hopes to provide many of these job/networking opportunities for Penn State Law students, all while giving back to the community by volunteering in public school districts near Carlisle and University Park, in campus offices at Penn State, and in other educational settings. Furthermore, we hope to bring prominent political leaders, educational leaders, and legal scholars to campus to advance the discussion of law's interaction with education.

Watch the information session video for Law and Education Alliance at Penn State


President: Sarah Whittington
Vice President: Elizabeth Ashbaugh
Treasurer: Stephen Worthington
Secretary: Sean Richards
Carlisle Representative: Andrew Meyer
Professional Development Chair: Jessica Barlow